A Report on Global Illicit Drugs Markets 1998-2007

Peter Reuter (RAND) and Franz Trautmann (Trimbos Institute) This study has been produced by the Trimbos Institute and RAND with the financial support of the Commission of the European Communities (contract JLS/2007/C4/005). The study does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the European Commission, nor is it bound by its conclusions. Observations clés […]

L’impératrice nue – Les neurosciences modernes et le concept de dépendance

Peter Cohen (2009), The Naked Empress. Modern neuro-science and the concept of addiction. Presentation at the 12th Plaform for Drug Treatment, Mondsee Austria, 21-22 March 2009. Organised by the Österreichische Gesellschaft für arzneimittelgestützte Behandlung von Suchtkranken OEGABS. Traduction de l’Anglais Laurent Beachler PhD. Published as: Peter Cohen (2009), Die nackte Herrscherin. Die moderne Neurowissenschaft und […]