Advocacy Research in Harm Reduction Drug Policies

Journal of Social Issues, December, 2013. 10.1111/josi.12036 Abstract Harm reduction now has a strong foundation in scientific evidence and is widely accepted in many countries as national policy and much of the worlds scientific community, including leading U.S. and international public-health, e.g. The US National Academy of Medicine, the American Medical Association, the European Union, […]

Extrait / Excerpts : A Plague of Prisons

A Different Kind of Epidemic Here are some of the things we know about this new epidemic: • The population involved is diverse: men and women, adults and children, different social classes. • The onset was very rapid — in thirty-five years the population directly affected by this epidemic increased tenfold, from 250,000 in 1970 […]

Quelle direction prend le domaine du traitement de la toxicomanie ?

CrossCurrents, The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health Hiver 2003-2004, Vol 7 nº2 L’avenir du traitement dans un monde ‘fou de drogue’ passe par un changement d’attitude Lorsqu’on m’a demandé de rédiger un article sur l’avenir du traitement de la toxicomanie, on m’a averti qu’il serait accompagné d’un autre article traitant de l’avenir de la […]

Population Impact of Mass Incarceration under New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws : an Analysis of Years of Life Lost.

Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine Vol.79, No. 3 © 2002 The New York Academy of Medicine BACKGROUND Now nearing the 30th year since their passage by the State’s legislature, New York’s “Rockefeller drug laws” (RDL) mandate long prison sentences for drug offenders most commonly for possession or sale […]